Radical Dating

Radical Dating

Which stage of your dating life are you right no?. Is it the early stage? (selection) first date or a few second dates. Is it the getting to know each other stage? (courting) belief, attitude, present, past, and future? Or is it the accepting stage? (engagement) all traits, seeking deeper connections?

Or it might be you’re just thinking about venturing out into the dating world after a recent breakup or years of being away from the dating scene. Whatever stages it is, it means you’re willing to share your personal space, your intimate life, and your valuable time with somebody.
Now you are ready for love, most importantly you are ready to attract the right partner?

Then this course is for you

With Detach to Dating course and ebook, you will be able to navigate through any doubts or fear with proven tools and a process for your ultimate success.

*Priority in forgiving, release, and healing.

*The importance of being clear in the beginning.

*Clarity on your wants and needs and how not to compromise on your requirements.

*Acknowledging your weak areas and your strong points.

*Confident in what you brought to the table and owning your expectations.

*Trusting your intuition.

*Recognizing and having authority over your boundaries.

*Tips to identify red flags and triggers.

*Valuable insight for effective communication.

*Having a strong belief in showing up your best self, with self-love, self-care, self-value.

*Being motivated to create that space to accept a long-lasting love between you and your partner .