Stronger Relationship

Stronger Relationship

Through Group coaching you’ll discover what the relationship with yourself looks like, with your relatives, friends, family, co-workers business partner, customer, and also your neighbors.

If any of these are a concern you need to be part of my coaching program or join a supportive group of women who had a solid life experience, and understands what they are seeking in a long term relationship.

*Access to an episode of my Pleasant Perception podcast where I had spoken with Caroline an expert and founder of Crazy Over 40s Life Podcast. Having that discussion about this period in a women’s life, the changes, the challenges, the awareness, and much more.

*Why people are passing on pain to each other as if a virus in a pandemic because they won’t understand that, they need to learn the process of release, forgive, and heal because that is the only way to unload the burden.

*Understanding the importance of alignment, what you are saying should match, what you are feeling. Identifying how you settle with the person you are and that you are your best supporter. Claims what is your, stop guilt-tripping and start to visualize a clear picture of what you want, having boundaries in place, be clear on your goal, value, and needs.

*Not afraid to be vulnerable, having that support to be comfortable to share your story. Who or what would we be without our story.